I Want To Be Free

I feel stuck in so many different ruts that it’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. I have this perfect little life and yet I feel so stuck. What the fuck is wrong with me?!

It’s nuts how your ideals change as you age. Hell, even last year I wanted that big house with lots of space and all the antiques I could get my hands on. Now, all the clutter and materialism and space I have to fill with clutter is driving me batshit crazy!

I’ve been purging slowly but surely over the past months. Although when I decide to purge, my husband seems to decide to go on shopping sprees so it does me no good whatsoever but I will get there! I will!!

Right now, my dream is to buy or build a ‘Tiny House’ on wheels like this….



I’m just so tired of all the material things. I’ve always wanted to have an rv or camper and live and travel around in it. That’s always been my dream growing up and now I have two boys of my own who are growing up in a very, very material world. Everyone just buys things and then buys some more things! Then there’s all the electronics, which, don’t get me wrong, they’re fantastic a lot of the time, but what about nature?! What about being outside in the breeze and going on hikes and riding bikes and surfing and camping and swimming and things everyone used to do when they cared about themselves and the environment more than shiny new toys.

This has all just really been eating away at me as I watch how much my 3 year old loves the playstation after discovering it, since we live inside for basically half of the year because Ohio’s weather is moody as hell. And every toddler has a tablet now to keep them occupied. It makes me sad. Really sad. It also scares the shit out of me because what the hell are we going to raise?! What kind of people will they grow up to be if they don’t know nature? I just don’t want to know, honestly!

So right now, I’m going to purge the fuck out of my house and our belongings. I’m going to bug the shit out of my husband to get us a camper, rv, or tiny home. And then we are going to move into it and live the simple life, preferably south, where we don’t have to worry about our tiny home freezing. That’s my plan. Probably a five year plan, to be realistic and to get vehicles paid off first. But it’s still a freaking plan!

I’m sure one day down the road I’ll be done with that and want a home that doesn’t have wheels or maybe I won’t. But I do know I need a big change for our family because this buying shit we don’t even like and spending twelve thousand dollars on rent alone for a year isn’t cutting it for me right now when I could build my own tiny home for less than that and be free.

FREE. That’s such a beautiful word.

Here’s a tiny home and the woman’s story. She built it for eleven thousand dollars! How amazing would this be?!!




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